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"We need to see with new eyes, and become as wise and loving as the system that produced us."

Be Inclusive, Be Open

Being Present

Being Authentic

Being Inclusive

Being Responsible

Virginia Fitton's Vision of Inclusive Emergent Thought

In the heart of Palo Alto, California, among the buzzing world of technological enterprises, walked a woman deeply rooted in nature, consciousness, and cosmic harmony. Her name is Virginia Fitton,

Virginia Fitton’s core philosophy hinged on the statement, "Becoming inclusive is the primary condition for emergent, evolutionary thought." It defines the meaning of human evolution, transcending the physical shell and penetrating the realms of minds and souls. Becoming inclusive in thought is the cornerstone of developing as a species. This declaration eliminates division based on race, religion, nationality, or other boundary markers that have fueled discord and tension, advocating instead for a collective consciousness, unified thought, and shared planetary responsibility.

With this premise, Virginia Fitton fostered a shared perspective of our planet - the view that we have one earth with one chance for survival. In the era of escalating climate change, war, inequality, and other detrimental global issues, our survival hinges on collective action. She emphasizes that there is no scope for procrastination or wallowing in denial, as every moment of inaction propels us closer to destruction.

What would Virginia Fitton say about the idea that there is only one earth and one chance for survival? She would probably nod in deep agreement while adding that our unity is the earth's saving grace. We must not perceive ourselves as disconnected individuals, competing nations, or disparate societies. Instead, we are one human race, bound together by shared evolutionary origins, living on the only known life-friendly planet in the vast cosmos. Our survival, interwoven with Earth's survival, necessitates inclusive, emergent thought.

Grounded in this underlying philosophy, here are twenty things Virginia Fitton might suggest that we do about the pressing global issues of climate, war, and others:

1. Respect Nature – Realize our place within the ecosystem and respect the balance it provides.
2. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – Minimize waste and promote sustainable practices.
3. Adopt Renewable Energy – Transition to clean energy alternatives.
4. Plant More Trees – A simple, yet effective way to combat climate change.
5. Sustainable Agriculture – Promote organic farming and local produce.
6. Protection of Biodiversity – Preserve and promote diversity in the natural world.
7. Water Conservation – Preserving this life-supporting resource is crucial.
8. Be Conscious Consumers – Support ethical and sustainable products.
9. Implement Green Technologies – Embrace technological solutions that protect the planet.
10. Advocate for Climate Education – Develop awareness about environmental issues.
11. Promote Peace – Foster dialogue and understanding among communities and nations.
12. Instigate Policy Changes – Lobby for environmental and social policies.
13. Encourage Inclusivity – Embrace and celebrate the diversity of the human race.
14. Nurture Empathy – Foster compassion for all sentient beings.
15. Invest in Research – Encourage and fund green innovation and science.
16. Infrastructure Resilience – Build for climate change and future calamities.
17. End Deforestation – Cease destruction of the earth’s lungs.
18. Promote Responsible Tourism – Encourage eco-friendly travel.
19. Support Indigenous Rights – Indigenous people often protect the environment best.
20. Global Cooperation – Finally, the need to work together, across borders, implementing all these steps for our one chance of survival.

Virginia Fitton’s vision paints the picture of a world with a collective consciousness, embracing inclusivity, and working towards the shared objective of saving our beloved planet. A world where man-made boundaries become irrelevant and the survival of humanity and the earth become paramount. A world where we accept the fundamental truth that we are all one, evolving together, on this one earth, with only one chance at survival.

One Earth One Chance

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