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Your Climate Answers

Have a earth sustainability month
Give tax incentives for everything good for the earth and for control of climate change
Never doubt the power of the individual
We need to legislate against climate change
We need to take personal initiative for climate change
We need to only elect government officials who will work for climate survival. We need to drive electric cars.
We need to educate ourselves and others about the dangers of the complexity of climate change
We need to teach in our universities realistic sustainability
We need to change our lightbulbs to LEDs, and we need to transform our automobile industry to be either hybrid or all electric.
Educate everyone about the urgency.
Form small groups and meetup
Talk with others at work, school and in coffee shops
Teach others what we know.
We need to trust in the power of intellectual synergy.
Hold the big banks accountable. They are still actively funding the fossil fuel industry.

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