Images of Our Poor Odds of Surviving the Climate Crisis

"The odds against our survival, with the system dynamics the way it is, and the ignorance we are displaying, are somewhere between one million to one against us to 500 million to one against us."
~ John Burch

"To be responsible would be to have the courage to see."

~ Virginia Fitton

Bad odds for survival

Bad odds for earth survival.

One in a Million Odds for Survival.

One in a million chances.
One Million to One image for the human.
Image on one chance.

One in 500 Million Odds for Survival

500 Million to One odds.
Bad odds image.
One in 500 Million odds.

With things the way they are, our chances of surviving the climate crisis are somewhere between 100 million to one against us and 500 million to one against us. We need to SEE this, and respond, urgently,  together, right now.
We are in deep trouble!!

The Universe in a planet graveyard and is vetting Earth and us to see if we are worthy of continuation.

Image showing the universe as a planet graveyard.
Earth in planet graveyard.
Universe as a planet graveyard.
Earth in the planet graveyard.
Earth is dead.

Unless we respond successfully, earth will simply join the millions - perhaps billions - of other dead planets where sentient life had a chance, and then failed, sending that planet to the "planet graveyard." Mars is such a planet. It probably had some life, but never made the cut to harbor sentient beings. We have sentience, but are not using our intelligence to protect ourselves. And guess what? The Cosmos is NOT going to change the rules to save us. We must either comply or we will die. Period!

Dead planets in the Cosmos

The cosmos filled with dead planets

Lifeless planets

Images of lifeless planets. Earth will be joining them soon enough if we don't master the climate, war and pollution.

Millions of lifeless planets

Lifeless planets.

This is where we are going if we don't wise up!

One Earth One Chance

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