The Power of Consciousness

This video is about the power of consciousness. To describe this, we shall use a deck of cards. And perform a thought experiment. Imagine being on a stage, or even in a classroom or at home. You have a brand new deck of cards. You open them up, and can see that they have order... hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades. And organized Ace through King, etc. Now you take the cards out of the box and throw them up, into the air. They fall to the floor, some upside down, some right-side up. All the suits are all over the place. NOW HERE IS THE POINT. If you waited for random events, like a wind storm or a volcanic eruption. Or anything. And gave this waiting billions of years. These cards would NEVER hop off the floor and fly back into the box, in original order. Ever. But a fourth grade child, knowing the original order, could pick up these cards, Place them face up on a card table, And, being conscious of the correct "algorithm", could reorder the cards and place them back in the box, In about 20 minutes! Think about it! A kid can do something, using consciousness, which the entire universe cannot do. And do it in less than an hour. Than't how powerful consciousness is. In one respect, more powerful than the entire living universe. Imagine what we humans could do if we wanted to, and even more, if we wanted to do it together.

One Earth One Chance

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