Don Fitton

When asked, "What is the soul," Don's answer was, "Essence."

Don had a successful professional career for twenty years as an executive in the scientific and technical publishing industry. This said, attending a seminar with Stanford professor, Dr. Harry Rathbun, and his wife, Emilia, on the teachings of Jesus in 1954 was the inspiration that transformed Don and Virginia's lives going forward. Don's growing interest in these teachings and the human maturation process led to a second career.
In 1962, he became one of the co-founders and first president of Creative Initiative Foundation (CIF), located in Palo Alto, California. Working with the Rathbuns and others in the community, Don and Virginia were instrumental in forming the AMR Institute, which focused on the human condition as influenced by Attitude, Motivation and Response.
During the Vietnam War Years, Don directed the formation of an urban, interracial youth service corps. With Virginia, he also taught a Stanford Senior Colloquium on human maturation and led seminars for the Peace Corps and Vista. In addition, they taught students and community members about the establishment of an ethical base for contemporary life as well as seminars on Jesus as Teacher.
In 1982, based on the growing threat of nuclear war, CIF's focus shifted to increasing awareness and education to prevent nuclear war. This led to the genesis of the Beyond War movement which began locally and grew to 50,000 worldwide. Don and Virginia were co-founders of Beyond War, working with others throughout the 1980s to teach and communicate the "new mode of thinking" that was the cornerstone of the Beyond War philosophy. Don was senior editor of the book "Breakthrough: Emerging New Thinking" and was a member of the Beyond War steering committee focused on changing relationships between the US and USSR in the later 1980s.
In the 1990s, Don and Virginia continued to work with the Foundation For Global Community in Palo Alto, which held the tenet that "as humans our highest purpose is to discover, live and communicate what is needed to achieve a world that functions for the benefit of all life."

Don Fitton: A Pillar of Peace and a Voice for Change in Global Community

Don Fitton, a Palo Alto resident, was a scholar, a tireless advocate for peace, and a pioneering mind for the better part of the 20th century. Fittingly, his legacy, like his life's work, is not focused on his accomplishments alone but rather his contributions towards humanity and global community development.

This humble man was more than just a co-author of the transformative book, "Breakthrough." He was also, along with his devoted wife Virginia, an innovative thinker who, throughout seventy years, remained a beacon of hope and reason amid the tumultuous waves of the world's crises and conflicts.

When asked to define what a soul is, Don admirably paused, choosing to answer with a single, profound word: "Essence." This brief response is not only a testament to his wisdom, but it also reflects Don's profound understanding of the human nature and its underlying complexity. This very essence, he believed, is the perfect starting point for understanding each other and building a more inclusive, peaceful world.

Don was a crucial component of several noble initiatives, such as the Creative Initiative Foundation, Beyond War, Foundation for Global Community, and LoveShift. These organizations, much like Don himself, share a vision of a world that transcends the destructive tendencies of war and violence, encouraging peaceful coexistence, and promoting mutual respect amongst all of Earth's inhabitants.

If Don were to advise us on the current climate crisis and the war in the Middle East, his insights would likely encapsulate the very same principles he nurtured throughout his life - understanding, empathy, true dialogue, and above all, love.

As someone deeply committed to environmental consciousness and peace, he may urge us first to come together, to cease viewing these situations as separate isolated incidences, but rather to understand the interconnectedness of these global crises.

Fitton would probably emphasize the necessary shift in perspective from one of competition to collaboration in facing these issues. He might suggest that we each take personal responsibility and view ourselves not just as inhabitants of a specific country, but as global citizens responsible for the welfare of our planet.

He would certainly advocate for solutions rooted in understanding and acknowledging the essence of one another, putting aside the aggression that only fuels more violence and environmental detriment. In essence, he'd remind us that peace and sustainability are not mutually exclusive but are two sides of the same coin, both necessary for the health of our global community.

In light of the climate crisis, Don might stress the urgent need to reduce our carbon footprints, invest in renewable energy, and commit to sustainable lifestyles. On war, he'd reiterate the importance of diplomacy, negotiation, and peaceful dialogue, recalling that violence merely prolongs suffering, while understanding and forgiveness foster resolutions.

In conclusion, the essence of Don Fitton's life and work encapsulates the true spirit of a global community. His teachings center around peace, understanding, environmental consciousness, and above all, the inherent ability of the human family to transcend its challenges by embracing love. If we hope to address current global crises effectively, it is quintessential voices like Don's — voices that speak, not just for a single nation or people, but for the whole world — that we should strive to learn from and echo in our policies and personal lives.

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