Complexity of Climate Change
Climate change is complex and dynamic.
Mastering the feedback loops is the key to our survival.

The complexity and dynamics of climate change.
Climate complexity.
Climate change web.
35 interacting parts of the climate change web.
This image shows the incredible tangle of interacting parts in the climate change web.
It's the complexity and dynamics of climate change which make it so dangerous.
Complexity of climate change.
Complex Climate Change.
Breaking the war warming feedback loop.

"War and Warming"

Here is a detailed diagram illustrating the cyclical relationship between war and warming. On one side include an image of a war-induced scene, with factories producing weaponry, vehicles emitting smoke and plumes of black and grey smoke as the result of explosions, symbolizing carbon emissions. The smoke should then transform into dark smoke clouds overhead, indicating atmospheric pollution. On the other side, portray an overly heated Earth exhibiting signs of climate change, such as melting ice caps, drought-stricken fields, forest fires, and increasing sea levels. Connect this back to an image of escalating conflicts over exhausted resources, completing the circle.

One Earth One Chance

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