John Boyle

"Insofar that we think of ourselves today as we were in the past, our past is guaranteed to resurrect itself and become our future."

~ John Boyle

Based on his philosophy, he would likely emphasize the importance of learning from our mistakes and transforming our approach to the environment. He might suggest that instead of viewing ourselves as separate from nature or as its conquerors, we need to see ourselves as part of a comprehensive ecosystem where our actions significantly impact the environment and vice versa. He would emphasize the urgency of the situation – with only one Earth and one chance, he'd advocate for immediate, substantial changes in the way we live and interact with nature. This could include reducing our carbon footprints, adopting more sustainable lifestyles, and implementing and championing policy changes that protect the environment.

One of his critical affirmations was, "I am 100% responsible for all of my responses to all situations, persons and events."

One Earth One Chance

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