Practicing Being Unitive

The Practice of Being Unitive: Realigning The Inner Self

A human being has the inherent capacity to live life through an array of mental states - being emotive, being cognitive, being reactive, and ultimately, being unitive. Being unitive involves a harmony of mind, body, and spirit, creating a well-spring of wisdom, serenity, and perspective. But, like an unseen destination, we lose this center in our interactions and reactions. So, how does one practice being unitive and reactivate that unitive center? Much like exercising to keep your body in shape, mental exercises, self-care rituals, and specific mindfulness practices can help one revert to their unitive center.

Firstly, the pursuit of mindfulness helps reinforce a unitive approach. Techniques such as breath-based meditation, body scans, or mindful walking provide a ground for being unitive by drawing attention to the present moment. Observing sensations, thoughts, and emotions as transient elements allow an individual to remain unreactive and focused.

Being unitive also involves seeking alignment within oneself. Journaling is a potent tool for this, enabling one to reconcile their thoughts and feelings, while reinforcing awareness and a holistic perspective. Similar effects can be gained from activities like yoga or Tai Chi, that inherently promote a unity of mind and body.

Equally crucial is cultivating compassion - towards oneself and others. Small acts of kindness, offering forgiveness, and expressing gratitude are potent practices that foster connection and unity. Communicating openly and empathetically with others nurtures an external environment conducive to being unitive.

Engaging in activities that bring joy and happiness can act as an excellent reminder of unity. Creative hobbies like painting, dancing, or music soothe the mind and bring one closer to their center. Similarly, the immersion in nature through hikes or gardening aids in realizing the interconnectedness of all life, inducing a state of unity.

Finally, nourishing your physical body plays a significant role in achieving a unitive state. Consuming healthy, wholesome foods and keeping active with regular exercise creates an internal balance that reverberates onto the mental and emotional self. Likewise, ensuring adequate rest and relaxation rejuvenates one's whole being and creates conditions conducive to a unitive state.

Forty Ways to Practice Being Unitive:

1. Regular meditation
2. Breath-based mindfulness techniques
3. Regular mental rehearsal of returning to being unitive
4. Mindful walking meditation
5. Regular journaling of ways one returned to being unitive
6. Open, honest communication with others
7. Compassionate listening
8. Practicing forgiveness
9. Offering gratitude
10. Regular nature walks
11. Maintaining a healthy diet
12. Ensuring regular physical exercise
13. Practicing mindful eating
14. Observing your unitive state during the day
15. Observing a period of silence daily
16. Undertaking regular self-reflection
17. Prioritizing quality sleep
18. Practicing patience and being merciful
19. Keeping a positive mindset
20. Spending time with loved ones
21. Listening to soothing music
22. Engaging in creative activities
23. Eating mindfully
24. Maintaining a garden
25. Bird watching
26. Painting or other forms of art
27. Conscious, mindful living
28. Spending time with pets
29. Receiving and giving hugs
30. Smile and laugh regularly
31. Affirming progress in the art of shift back from reactions to unity
32. Cultivating adaptability
33. Mindful work routine
34. Exposing oneself to diverse viewpoints
35. Daily affirmations
36. Engaging in charity work
37. Attending community events
38. Spending time alone mindfully
39. Exploring the wonders of astronomy
40. Keeping an 'emotional wellness' diary

Returning to being unitive doesn't require extravagant efforts but intentional daily actions, awareness, and a sense of oneness. Unifying your mental, physical, and emotional states isn't just about introspection but extending that unity to connect with others and the environment around us. While every person's journey is unique, these exercises offer a path to uncover and realize the profound inner unity and strength within us. Like muscles trained and honed over time in the gym, being unitive can be cultivated, becoming an innate way of living. In that state of being unitive, every action resonates with love, compassion, understanding, and holistic health, radiating positivity onto ourselves, others and the world around us. Peace of mind, harmony and love are just around the corner every time we move back to oneness.

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