Thoughts Are Things
"Mind is localized God."
-John Burch

Thoughts are things.

Thoughts are Things: The Reality of Our Mental Constructs


In the realm of perception, a common saying states, "Perception is reality." However, let's stretch this philosophical theme a bit and propose a slightly more specific expression, "Thoughts are things." It's a proposition that redefines our understanding of the universe, individuals, and reality itself. But how can something as abstract as thought transform into something tangible and palpable? Here's an exploration of this concept, steeped in both psychology and physics, demonstrating that thoughts are indeed real and directly influence our reality.

## The Tangibility of Thoughts

There is a fundamental link between psychological and physical realms that might not be evident at first glance. Essentially, thoughts form the basis of every action we take. They spark all human behaviors, reactions, and emotions, translating from nebulous ideas into concrete results. Thoughts may not occupy physical space, but their significant impact on our actions proves their tangibility.

For example, consider a simple everyday task, like making a cup of coffee. The thought of wanting coffee leads you to take specific steps, like grinding coffee beans, boiling water, and pouring the hot water over the beans. The thought is realized in the physical world through the actions taken.

## The Neuroscience of Thoughts

From a scientific perspective, neuroscientists have shown that thoughts exist as electrical impulses and chemical reactions in the brain. Though these may seem far off from what we consider a solid, physical "thing," in reality, they equate to tangible existence on a microscopic scale.

For instance, a study conducted at the University of California, Berkeley, used advanced techniques to map out how each thought or idea travels through the brain. The researchers demonstrated that thoughts, feelings, and mental images are encoded as complex patterns of activity across millions of neurons in the brain. Thus, a thought is as real as a cell in your body or any external object that you can see or touch.

## Thoughts: Catalysts of Perception and Reality

The way we think about the world also directly affects our perception of it. Cognitive psychologists find that thoughts shape our understanding, interpretation, and interaction with our surroundings. In other words, our thoughts dictate our personal reality.

Take, for instance, the classic 'glass half full or glass half empty' analogy. Our thoughts towards this determine our optimism or pessimism. One person may see it as half full, symbolizing potential and opportunity, whereas another may perceive it as half empty, representing lack or scarcity. The physical state of the glass hasn't changed; rather, it is our thoughts that dictate our perception and, subsequently, our reality.

## The Law of Attraction and the Power of Thoughts

The power of thought extends beyond neuroscience and psychology into the realm of spiritual philosophies and quantum physics. Supporters of the Law of Attraction argue that our thoughts have an energy which can draw similar energies towards us. In other words, positive thoughts attract positive results, while negative thoughts yield negative outcomes.

Consider bestselling books such as Rhonda Byrne’s "The Secret" and Dr. Joe Dispenza’s "Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself." Both propose that visualization, a form of careful and concentrated thought, can bring desired realities into existence. Real-life examples of successful people, athletes, or artists claim that they visualized their success long before it was realized.


In closing, whether from a psychological, biological, spiritual, or philosophical perspective, we find recurring evidence that "thoughts are things." They exist in a physical form within our brains, shape our perceptions and behaviors, and possibly even attract similar energies to us from the universe. By recognizing the power of thoughts, we can harness them to shape our reality, open up possibilities, and unlock potentials previously unimagined.

Thoughts Are Things
"Mind is Localized God"

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