Goodbye Earth

AI-generated images of what Earth will look like if we hit 8.0 degrees Celsius.

Goodbye earth. After humans are dead, and all mammals are gone, earth will be a black and white, lifeless planet, similar to the moon or mars. Lifeless earth is where we are headed if we don't wake up RIGHT NOW!
Image of mass migration if the climate hits 8.0 degrees Celsius.
In the end.
In the end. We need to see these images to jolt ourselves out of indifference and complacancy.
The end of civilization as we know it.
The end.
The end of earthlings. Our species is doomed if we don't change!

Post-Life Earth

Earth post-life.
Images of the end of civilization.

Dead Earth

Dead planet earth.
Dead earth.

The Cosmos Will Go On ~ as One. Generating galaxies, stars, planets, life, consciousness and Love

Cosmos will go on, as one.

A Living Planet Earth Just Won't be Part of It

Dead Earth

One Earth One Chance

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